Software Support

ForwardOffice is far more than a basic ‘documentation’ system – FCL’s customers use it to perform the vast majority of their company’s day-to-day business activities. With an all-pervasive computer system such as this, it is imperative that our customers can rely on a responsive support desk. Whether seeking advice or encountering some sort of problem, the customer must have complete confidence that a solution is only a phone call away.

FCL’s annual software maintenance contract provides its customers with unlimited access to our Support Desk. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable application support team has a combined total of over 115 years’ experience in freight and accounting practices. Our technical support department is also available to provide assistance with hardware, network or operating-system related queries. Our customers can therefore rest assured that there is always someone available who will have a full understanding of any queries or requirements.

FCL has developed its own sophisticated Support software, which is used to log and follow-up all types of support requests from customers. Staff categorise the type and priority of each request. In most cases, requests for advice will be actioned immediately over the phone. Other types of support request are formally reviewed and actioned according to priority, with escalation to director level where required. All such support requests are formally acknowledged by Fax or e-Mail and customers advised on progress and anticipated date of resolution.

Because all support requests are logged into a database, it is easy for our staff to produce up-to-the-minute status reports, thus ensuring that their progress can be monitored through to a satisfactory conclusion. The database also provides us with valuable statistics, which are analysed to help us determine trends and evaluate our service levels.

Through FCL’s secure “Resource Centre”, customers can access the support database via the Web, allowing them to log support requests or view the progress of their issues. The Resource Centre also provides access to a knowledge base, news and a variety of useful downloads and links.

Key Features:

  • Support desk open 09.00-17.30 GMT Monday through Friday
  • Out-of-hours call-out option available
  • Unlimited access to ForwardOffice application support
  • Support Manager and all Support assistants from freight or accounting backgrounds
  • Dedicated Senior Support Consultant
  • Dedicated Quality Manager provides pivotal role between Support and other departments
  • Access to customer systems via ISDN, VPN or modem
  • Optional System Monitoring service available
  • FCL Support system:
    • All supports requests logged in Support database
    • Call prioritisation, with escalation where required
    • Automated Fax/e-Mail Communications keep customers informed on progress
    • Integrated with FCL’s development environment and version control software
    • Integrated with FCL’s product distribution software
  • 24/7 access to FCL’s Resource Centre:
    • Log new support requests
    • Add information to existing issues
    • Automatic notifications to support department
    • Report on outstanding issues
    • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    • News articles and announcements
    • Downloads – release notes, user guides, consultation papers, etc.
    • FCL e-Mail list subscription
    • Partner and trade links
  • Access to FCL e-Mail lists:
    • “fcl-l” – Open forum for all customers to share information
    • “ug-l” – Open forum for FCL User Group members
    • “announce” – General announcements from FCL
  • Range of technical support services available:
    • Hardware and peripherals
    • Network and Communications
    • Operating systems