With many of our own staff recruited from the freight industry, and working closely with customers of every size and type, we have developed an exceptionally high level of expertise in our chosen domain. As a result, ForwardOffice is extremely feature-rich and includes a wealth of functionality.

ForwardOffice comprises over 50 distinct but integrated software modules, together representing well over 25 years of intellectual property investment. It is very much a living product and an aggressive approach is maintained towards development, with constant re-investment as Forward Computers responds to new trends and requirements within both the freight and IT industries.

In addition to an internally driven development agenda, the frequently changing requirements and priorities of a wide and varied customer base mean that external requests for change are constantly received. Regular formal planning meetings are convened by the management, where all such enhancement requests are reviewed, their merits considered and decisions taken for inclusion.

A high percentage of these are incorporated into the core product at no extra cost to the customer. Indeed, over the years, some of these requests have led to the development of completely new module offerings. All such enhancements enrich the product and become optionally available for the benefit of all customers.

Optional interim “enhancement” package versions are released on a rolling six-weekly basis, in order that specific change requests can be turned around quickly for those customers that require them. Major new versions, which roll up all of the new features that have been added in the preceding enhancement versions, are generally released on an annual basis.

The ongoing delivery of new and rich functionality, going hand-in-hand with migration through new technologies, means that the product of today is a very different beast to that of even a few years ago. Forward Computers thus brings customers along with it – but without them having to completely re-invest – and provides them with exactly the tools they need to react positively to change and innovation, enabling them to maintain an edge in this highly competitive marketplace.