Cheque Control/Purchase Invoice Passing

Often working with a wide selection of carriers and sub-contractors, the logistics provider is frequently required to make immediate payment for services before goods will be released. The efficient control of cheque authorisation is thus an essential but often extremely time-consuming activity. In an environment where time-sensitive requests for payment and the actual management of the cheque book are normally handled by different departments, “manual” control systems can often be fraught with difficulty.

FCL’s Cheque Control and Purchase Invoice Passing module provides all of the mechanisms required to accurately control cheque authorisation. And because the module is fully integrated with the cost estimate logging and cost allocation functions within the mainstream ForwardOffice Job Costing module, it has been possible to reduce the duplication of effort that often surrounds accruals and cost allocation for cheque payments – and also eliminate many of the potential errors that can occur.

All requests for cheque payment are logged and processed through this module. Depending upon management preferences and working practice requirements, requisitions may be logged at either operations or accounts department level. Specific User Privileges provide the means of controlling exactly which individuals are allowed to allocate and approve cheque payments. Maximum approval amounts can also be associated with each authorised individual.

Once the initial details for a cheque payment have been recorded, all remaining workflow processes are controlled through the Cheque Control and Job Costing modules. This includes cost estimate (accrual) logging, the request for cheque issue, the cross-referencing of payment to cheque number, authorisation of the actual cost allocation and, finally, to the automatic matching of cost estimates to actuals using specific functionality within the Supplier Invoice Passing program.

The ForwardOffice Cheque Control and Purchase Invoice Passing module provides all of the tools necessary to effectively control and process cheque payments and can make a major contribution to improving accuracy, efficiency and productivity in this area. This module should appeal to anyone with a high volume of “immediate payment” for the release of goods type activity; in particular import-orientated forwarders, logistic providers and NVOCC operators where this is likely to be the normal working practice.

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated user privilege controls to maintain functional and data security
  • Set the maximum monetary value that each individual is authorised for and the ability of a user to re-print a cheque requisition form
  • Optional e-Mail Approval Requests to nominated    controller(s)
  • Allocation of Invoices for Approval to Individual users
  • User Invoice Approval Register
  • Optional user-definable “Cheque Control Form”,   maintained via the Document Mask utility
  • Optional printing of the Cheque itself, the format of   which is again defined via the Document Mask utility
  • Fully integrated with Job Costing, e-Documents and   Diary
  • Automatic matching of cost estimates to actuals, incorporating the standard “Tear-Down” utility to re-set actual amounts to zero
  • Cheque requisition register with extensive database filter options including supplier, cheque number, supplier reference, booking reference, status and date filters
  • Full Creation, Printing and Approval status history and audit trail
  • Full Multi-Currency functionality
  • Via e-Documents, hot-links to the original invoice document where it has been scanned in.