Integrated e-Mail Communications

An essential requirement for any freight and logistics operation is the ability to communicate effectively, both internally and externally.

The Communications module fulfils this pivotal role, delivering an enterprise-wide automatic e-Mail communications solution, which is fully integrated with the entire ForwardOffice application.

A common user-interface is provided, regardless of delivery method, which is fully integrated with the application and database. Whether preparing a free-form message, or generating a pre-defined message from data held within the system, staff can perform all of their communications tasks from the comfort of their own workstation, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

Having a fragmented communications infrastructure can pose major difficulties to many organisations. Since the ForwardOffice Communications module provides centralised control over all communications, senior management can monitor and remain in complete control of the information that is sent or received by all staff. Furthermore, the centralised location of communications equipment can deliver substantial cost savings in multi-branch implementations.

Key Features:

  • Communications Inbox and Outbox access at any point
  • Free-form messages using text editor (e.g. MS Wordpad)
  • Generate pre-defined messages, including operational documents, manifests, invoices, quotations, mailshots, sales leads, routing orders, sales reports, etc.
  • Using Form design utility and database interface, generate user-defined messages
  • Fully integrated with Event Management, for automated message output
  • Any printed output can be easily re-directed as an internal or external message
  • Using e-Document Management module, send file attachments (e.g. PDF’s)
  • Using e-Document Management module and Form design utility, generate HTML e-MailsUsing
  • Fully automated communications management with auto-confirmation on sent and/or failed messages
  • Easy access audit to check current status of all messages
  • Automatic incoming message diversion by user
  • Comprehensive internal communications facilities, allowing for messages to be sent to either individuals, departments or entire branches
  • External messages fully integrated with Name and Address and Contacts database, for easy and accurate routing
  • Group messaging options available on both internal and external communications
  • Standard and user-definable text libraries, allowing users to store and recall both sent and received messages
  • Automatic and selective logging of messages as “Correspondence” against Client records, Sales    Reports, Bookings, etc.
  • Option to automatically print hard-copy of all outgoing messages
  • “Communications Daybook” can produce complete print of all messages sent or received, with ability within “Foundations” to archive for future reference