Consignment Tracking and Event Management

In the freight and logistics industry, visibility of information is now of equal importance to the physical movement of goods.

The ForwardOffice Consignment Tracking and Event Management module can be used to proactively deliver information to selected parties, with user-defined consignment status reports or automatically generated notifications, all of which can be despatched automatically via e-Mail or EDI. Consignment Tracking is also used as the basis for our Web-based Consignment Tracking service, WebTrack.

This optional add-on module is fully integrated with the main Operations modules and enables you to retrieve consignment information and present it in an extremely flexible manner to customers and partners alike.

A sophisticated “Tracking Report”, which is driven by a data dictionary, can be configured in literally thousands of different permutations, on a party-by-party basis. This can be set to deliver status reports to selected parties at any time.

Sophisticated “Event Management” also provides for automatic despatch of user-defined notifications or EDI messages to involved parties, without user-intervention – the application just does it automatically for you.

By automating the dissemination of consignment status information, the Consignment Tracking module provides potential for substantial operational productivity gains and significantly enhanced levels of customer service.

Key Features:

  • Consignment Tracking:
    • Tracking is switched on selectively for those parties that you choose to provide it to
    • Template and Inheritance options for fast “Tracking Party” configuration
    • You define the items of information you want to present to them and include on the “Tracking Report” – the “View”
    • Currently up to eight different parties can be linked to any given consignment – each potentially with their own unique “View”
    • You define the Consignment “Milestones” that you want to include on the Tracking Report or trigger ‘Events’ for
    • Flexible, party-based, retention periods
    • “Tracking Report” can be produced automatically overnight or on-demand, and can be printed, faxed,
    • e-Mailed or transferred via FTP
    • “Tracking Report” includes CSV output option via
    • e-Mail
  • Event Management:
    • An extremely powerful tool, which automates communications to customers and partners
    • Any number of “Events” are linked to consignment status “Milestones”
    • When a Milestone is completed, an “Event” is queued
    • e.g, when an Import consignment is Customs Cleared, e-Mail the Importer with the Expected Delivery Date/Time
    • Background “Event Manager” daemon periodically activates and processes Events as required
    • Generates pre-defined or user-defined output formats, and can include EDI messages
    • Define the layout of a “form” and the information that is included on it, then link any “form” to any “Event”
    • Output can be to a printer or as an external message (i.e Fax or e-Mail)
    • “Event Manager” can consolidate same types of output into one “document”, rather than separate ones, for each recipient
    • “Events” can also generate Consignment-related EDI messages
    • e.g. “Pre-Manifest Confirmation” can generate Shipping Instructions EDI to carrier