Corporate Reporting

For the freight and logistics enterprise with a global presence, one of the biggest challenges is to provide controlled local autonomy for each country, honouring local procedures and documents in the appropriate language, whilst at the same time producing a standard centralised reporting mechanism. Similar issues also apply to the larger organisation or holding company, operating several distinct trading companies within the same national boundaries.

The Corporate Reporting module provides an infrastucture for multi-company implementations of ForwardOffice, in either a local, pan-European or global context. It includes flexible tools for centralised control where required, such as selective data harmonisation, rate of exchange controls, coding systems and, above all, corporate level reporting in a single currency.

Ultimately, it allows each country or company implementation to operate independently of the centre, whilst enabling the latter to closely monitor activity and profitability of all satellites.

Key Features:

  • Extensive and flexible security management
  • Selective data harmonisation for data validation and coding system
  • Optional shared databases across companies, e.g. Names and Addresses
  • Historic Rate of Exchange control for powerful and accurate corporate reporting to a single currency
  • Flexible accounts links to multiple different third party account packages
  • Automatic time zone control
  • Corporate Journals Utility to transfer funds across companies
  • Tailorable documentation for local languages
  • Global Post/Area/Zip Code database
  • Flexible area code and address formatting parameters, by country
  • Inter company EDI for automated transfer of information between company implementations
  • Highly flexible Operations Workbench enabling key input screens to be tailored for local use, omitting data with no local meaning
  • Corporate Reporter application:
    • Batch Control for repeat queries and automated overnight processing
    • Both fixed and user-defined output in a variety of formats
    • Export data to third-party applications
    • Vast array of filter fields for tailored report extraction
    • Sophisticated sort options
    • Toggle report currency