CRM, Sales and Marketing

An effective sales force needs an effective Sales and Marketing and CRM system. Your sales team needs to chase new prospects, service your existing customers and be able to react promptly to changing circumstances.

The ForwardOffice Sales and Marketing module provides a powerful and flexible control system for managing and monitoring your entire sales force, with full access and integration to current business flow.

Using the client as a starting point, this module not only offers a wide range of tools for day-to-day sales activity such as Sales Report, Diary management and Quotations, but also offers functions that are very specific to the freight and logistics industry, such as inter-agent Sales Leads and Routing Orders.

The powerful database may be interrogated for in depth analysis or targetted Mailshots. Integration with ForwardOffice Operational modules provides automatic notification of New Business, Lost Business (‘Fall Off’), Profitability by Salesperson and much more.

All Sales activity can be controlled without any duplication of effort. The Sales database can be built upon and refined year-on-year with full integration to Operations activity enabling information to flow smoothly between departments.

Key Features:

  • Name and Address database serves entire company from Sales through to Finance
  • Standard Letters and Correspondence utility, recording all customer correspondence
  • Special customer requirements triggered at operation level ensure agreed actions are fulfilled
  • Comprehensive customer traffic and trends analysis with “Drill down” to Bookings, Quotations, Invoices, Sales Reports, etc.
  • Unlimited Analysis tagging for SQL-style Mailshots and Reporting
  • Sales Report and Event database linked to clients, showing all sales activity and follow-up
  • Automatic update of the Events database on any type of activity
  • Interrogate activity by Salesperson or by type of    activity, e.g. Sales Visits
  • Spot Quotation facility with:
    • Automatic price calculation based on either standard or bespoke tariffs and/or discount agreements (see Sales Tariffs Module)
    • Auto-confirmation by letter, fax or e-Mail
    • Optional automatic conversion of Quote to Booking without re-keying
    • Quotation Daybook reporting all Quotes issued and whether successful
    • Quotation Analysis showing percentage success rate by various criteria
  • System-wide Diary facility prompts follow-up Sales Reports, Visits, Quotations, etc.
  • Competition database recording Agents chasing same business, or to whom business may have been lost, all linked to optional mailshot and tracking feature
  • Automatic Daily, Weekly “New Traffic Report”, “New Clients”, “Clients Due for Visit”, etc.
  • Automatic “Fall Off/Gain” report showing changes in traffic volumes, Profitability, etc.
  • Profitability by salesperson for commission purposes
  • Sales Lead and Routing Order management