ForwardOffice-Connect CSP comms

ForwardOffice-Connect provides a native communications interface to the three major UK Community Service Provider (CSP) systems (CCS-UK, CNS and MCP), enabling customs entries to be prepared within ForwardOffice and submitted to CHIEF.

Separate interfaces exist for eaxh CSP and provide a vehicle for the automatic submission of Import “Home Use”, CFSP and Export Customs Declarations to CHIEF.

The appropriately structured EDI messages are generated from declarations prepared elsewhere within the ForwardOffice application, and are seamlessly transmitted to the chosen community.

A variety of response messages can be received back from each CSP, such as the HM Customs Entry Acceptance or Rejection messages as returned by CHIEF, which are then automatically processed as required.

ForwardOffice-Connect delivers an integrated Customs solution, enabling the agent to perform all customs clearance or CFSP functions from the same workstation, using the ForwardOffice application.

Key Features:

  • Badge-based EDI message handler
  • Runs on networked gateway PC
  • For resilience, normally one gateway PC per CSP
  • Nonetheless, possible to handle all CSP’s on one gateway
  • Complete solution supplied by FCL: gateway PC, software, installation, configuration and support
  • Supplied on annual rental basis
  • Handles all Import, Export and CFSP declarations
  • Each module handles the specific requirements and nuances of its target CSP
  • Core functionality and user-interface is common, making it easier for the user to understand and use
  • Declarations can be submitted immediately or queued for transmission on a specific date and time
  • Incorporates Inventory Reference (UCN) checks and validation
  • Acceptance messages automatically update the Entry Number, Date, Time and any VAT/Duty amounts against the originating job
  • Optional interface to VAT/Duty Reconciliation module provides for:
    • Automatic capture of deferred amounts into this two- sided ledger, for subsequent reconciliation
    • Optional automatic creation of the VAT/Duty invoice
  • Rejection messages automatically update Entry status to “Rejected”
  • Acceptance or rejection message can trigger auto- notifications to relevant user by departmental printer or internal message
  • Messages can optionally trigger Operational Milestone updates (e.g. Customs Cleared date)
  • Constantly updated audit log file shows status of outbound or inbound EDI messages
  • CSP error (for example Inventory Failures) returned as rejection messages
  • ForwardOffice-Connect “Plus”:
    • Allow prints to be directed to appropriate printer by Department
    • Logs all Customs Reports and Prints as e-Documents against the consignment