Customs Freight Simplified Procedures CFSP

In 2001, HM Customs and Excise introduced the new, optional, “Customs Freight Simplified Procedure” scheme. CFSP was developed to meet the needs of the business community by making non-EU import and customs warehouse procedures simpler and more flexible.

Throughout its history, FCL has consistently responded to new trends and requirements within both the freight and IT industries. Following a consultation exercise with its customer base, some of whom viewed CFSP as a potential new market opportunity, FCL responded to this new requirement by developing a new optional module. Our CFSP solution was duly delivered on schedule for the nationwide “go-live” date.

The ForwardOffice CFSP module provides users with the means to create and transmit all types of CFSP declarations to HMC&E with the minimum amount of data entry. When preparing declarations, as much information as possible is pulled forward from a variety of data sources to minimise the amount of data input and maximise accuracy.

Supporting all relevant types of declaration, the CFSP module is fully integrated with the Import Operations and Warehouse Management modules. It provides full amalgamation and batching facilities, accompanied by countdown reporting and auto-notification for pending FSD’s. Utilising the optional ForwardOffice-Connect module, Entries can be submitted electronically via the relevant CSP to HMC&E’s CHIEF system.

The CFSP module enables the freight and logistics operator to offer a full CFSP service to customers, while requiring minimal effort on the part of staff.

Key Features:

  • Supports SFD, SDI, SDW and FSD declarations
  • Allows standalone SDW declarations to be completed for bureau services
  • SFD completed directly from Consignment Maintenance
  • Full mandatory field checking prior to transmission
  • Full amalgamation and worksheet facilities available
  • Seamless electronic transmission to CHIEF directly from preparation screens
  • Electronic amendment directly from original declaration
  • Electronic cancellation directly from original declaration
  • All consignment, stock and standalone declarations automatically updated with following: –
  • Entry Number
  • Entry Date and Time
  • Vat and Duty Amounts Paid
  • Seamless interface to all Import Operations modules
  • Optional interface to Warehouse Management modules
  • Optional interface into the VAT and Duty Reconciliation Module
  • Full Audit Trail for use with HM Customs and Excise
  • CPC control to ensure that hard copies are produced when required
  • Reporting for timely reminders to complete relevant declarations
  • Tailored reporting for use with your customer base