e-Document Management

One of the most fundamental changes to working practices in recent years comes from the increased use of the Internet. It is now commonplace for trading partners to exchange a variety of documents as e-Mail attachments. In the document-intensive freight and logistics industry, the importance of exchanging documents in this manner is growing all of the time.

One of the principal document formats exchanged by attachment is “PDF”, designed and developed by Adobe Systems. Any form of document that is output in PDF format by Adobe’s “Acrobat Writer” software can be read by their freeware “Acrobat Reader”. According to Adobe, by mid-2004 500 million copies of “Acrobat Reader” had been distributed worldwide, making it the de-facto standard.

Whether operating ForwardOffice on the Windows or Unix platforms, the e-Document Management module allows our customers to generate any form of printed output, including in-house operational documents, in PDF format. While the main use may be to send these as e-Mail attachments, under Windows these can also be optionally output via Fax. And because the ForwardOffice Communications module is our own product and entirely in our control, much of the work normally associated with either process is fully automated.

e-Document Management can also be used as an archiving tool to replace printed Invoice accounts copies. Optional settings for the Sales Invoicing module ensure that for every Invoice produced, a PDF copy is automatically saved. PDF documents produced in this manner may also be optionally saved using the “Correspondence” utility.

Indeed, e-Document Management allows for a variety of document formats to be saved as Correspondence. These can subsequently be viewed by their native application within ForwardOffice for Windows, or released for view on the Web via the FCL-ASP platform.

e-Document Management also supports HTML e-Mails, which allows images and special fonts to be included within the body of a message, helping to present a more professional corporate image to the recipient. Since e-Document Management is also integrated with the International Transport modules and Event Management, user-defined HTML e-Mails can be automatically generated and despatched to your clients.

Key Features:

  • PDF Documents:
    • No special options required – PDF offered as a standard output selection
    • Send documents as attachments direct, via integrated FCL e-Mail Communications
    • Send reports automatically to clients as e-Mail attachments using Batch Control e-Mail directives
    • Optional link from PDF generation to the Windows e- Mail client of your choice (e.g. MS Outlook, Eudora), enabling document to be sent as e-Mail attachment †
    • Optional link from PDF generation to Windows Fax client, such as Zeta Fax †
    • PDF invoices available for view via Job Costing and other relevant points within the system †
    • Link to ForwardOffice Correspondence utility, enabling a permanent copy to be kept of any generated PDF
    • View stored PDF’s through native application (Acrobat Reader) †
    • Optional client setting to automatically release every document produced for view on the Web, via FCL-ASP services
  • Other supported document formats:
    • MS Word, Excel and Outlook
    • Images – BMP, JPG, TIF and TXC (e.g. scanned POD in JPG format)
    • All above saved as “Correspondence”
    • As with PDF, subsequently viewed using native application in either Windows, or via FCL-ASP services
  • HTML e-Mails:
    • User-definable formats
    • Automatic generation from Operations and Event Management
    • Design consultancy service available
  • e-Document Management can be optionally integrated with the following modules:
    • Communications
    • All International Transport modes
    • Consignment Tracking and Event Management
    • FCL-ASP WebTrack
    • Public Tracking
    • Sales Invoicing
    • Job Costing

† Windows Only

NOTE Where FCL supplied the original macro, a further charge of £400 per macro required will be levied.