Export Sea Freight

Sea freight and NVOCC agents find our Export Sea Freight software module provides them with the tools to manage imports, exports, single and multi-container FCLs and LCL consolidations. Streamlining your service shipments through a unified, integrated solution can improve efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

Export SeaFreight can interface with the Export Customs NES and CSP-Connect modules, helping your staff to manage customs clearance with the least possible difficulty. Routine documentation production is included as standard, as well as FIATA, House and Ocean Bills of Lading to help process surface shipments effectively.

You can add more features and functionality to Export SeaFreight by integrating it with other ForwardOffice modules as required.

Key features:

  • Ops dashboard helps you maintain visibility of workflow and KPIs
  • Create templates for recurrent shipments
  • Comprehensive credit control checking
  • Tailored consignment types to suit the jobs you process
  • Auto-pricing for cost estimates and rates
  • Conversion from quotation to consignment
  • Hassle-free consignment booking
  • Data from the name and address database automatically carries through to consignment records
  • Ops diary feature with memos, follow-ups and automatic pull-through of customer service notes
  • Hazardous goods subsystem with full compliance
  • Cargo and consignment search
  • LCL consolidation management with fast-build facilities
  • Progress tracking with custom milestones
  • Print document production including in-house and user-defined documents, manifests, invoices, house or ocean bills, FIATA and collection notes
  • Send print documents directly from Export SeaFreight
  • Choice of operational management reports
  • Can be integrated with the following ForwardOffice modules:
    • Email, fax and telex communication
    • e-Document Management
    • Customer and Partner EDI
    • Ocean Carrier EDI
    • UK Export Customs procedures
    • CSP-Connect for CNS and MCP
    • Warehouse management
    • Transport/Traffic Desk
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Tariffs and Quotations
    • Quality Control
    • ForwardVision Order Management
    • Consignment Tracking and Event Management
    • WebTrack
    • Sales Invoicing
    • Job Costing