Financial Analysis

The Financial Analysis module delivers information to the decision makers, through the provision of powerful and flexible financial analysis and reporting tools.

This optional module provides an extensive range of management reporting tools, which supplement the report facilities that are available as standard within the Job Costing module. They provide a level of analysis and detail that goes well beyond the remit of a standard Job Costing system.

All of the reporting options have been designed to provide as much flexibility as possible. This enables the end-user to extract exactly the information that they personally require, sorted and presented in the format most appropriate to their needs.

The sophisticated report generation options incorporated within this module provide senior man-agement with all the tools they need to maintain a completely up-to-date picture of their company’s financial performance.

Key Features:

  • Financial Analysis comprises a suite of report programs to provide the following functionality:
    • Estimated Profit Analysis
    • Working/Actual Profit Analysis
    • Variance Report
    • Sales Transactions by Date
    • Purchase Transactions by Date
    • Estimated/Accrual Transactions by Date
    • WIP/Accrual Report
    • Turnover Analysis
  • The ForwardOffice “Batch Control” mechanism enables execution criteria to be saved for future use and/or automatic batch execution
  • The following output modes are available for each report:
    • Summary only
    • Summary plus job details
    • Summary plus job details, plus charge code breakdown
    • Flat ASCII file or CSV file output
  • A variety of selection and sort criteria allows the user to specify the range of data to be analysed and how it is organised for sub-totalling:
  • Period Analysis by Job and/or Account date
    • Transport Mode
    • Office and/or Department
    • Service Routes
    • Country
    • Market and/or Market Segment
    • Client
    • Consignment Type
    • Shipping Terms
    • Carrier
    • Sales Person
    • Sales Zones
    • Charge Codes and/or Charge Categories
  • Security controls provide access to current department or office data only.
  • Menu controls allowing for access to specified reports on a per-user basis.
  • Supports user-definable report formats using the ForwardOffice Form Design utility.