ForwardVision Order Management

ForwardOffice includes our ForwardVision Order Management software module for managing your supply chain process from beginning to end. It’s a complete solution that can handle everything: procurement, manufacturing, transport, distribution and delivery, with super-detailed real-time information about every step of the journey.

Whether your customers have basic order-management systems or expensive infrastructure, they still want to know exactly what’s happening with their order right now. Entry-level systems often don’t offer tracking, so customers have to find out manually through searching or waiting for notifications. And with many customers having large parts of their supply chain controlled by third party providers, much of the data is out of their hands.

Your customers need and want up-to-date, accurate information about order progress that they can easily integrate with their own systems. ForwardVision offers exactly that.

Every party involved in the supply chain can see the status of every order, with detailed sales and purchase order information down to line item (SKU) level. Critical paths, milestones and events allow you to monitor and track orders all the way to delivery. In short, ForwardVision takes care of all of your everyday supply chain functions.

ForwardVision also provides all the tools that freight and logistics operators require in order to start using SCM-based electronic transactions. From the web, you and your customers can access worldwide, secured order data and make enquiries. The powerful event management tool also automatically sends out updates whenever milestones are reached or passed.

Our solution lets you closely integrate your customers’ systems with your own, through a flexible interface that can be customised and tailored to your needs. Locking your systems together in this way can be a major advantage when tendering for new business opportunities.

Key features:

  • Pick and choose which customers you’d like to use ForwardVision for
  • Three interfaces for order information management:

-Back-office (ForwardOffice) applications
-Web applications (FCL-ASP)
-Bi-directional XML/EDI data exchange

  • A selection of user interfaces to suit different trades
  • Full order item detail
  • Set milestones and critical paths to allow you to monitor, track and report order progress
  • Automatically schedule and reschedule your milestones
  • Receive order information from owners using XML/EDI data exchange
  • Link orders to consignments through ForwardOffice Operations modules
  • Supplement orders with shipping information, then return it through XML/EDI
  • Flexibility to exchange order information with other systems including stock control and warehousing
  • Back-office and web access to reporting, maintenance and milestone updates
  • Milestone, shipment and order item detail with FCL-ASP
  • Works with Event Management, allowing you to automate notifications to partners and involved parties
  • Printed, faxed, emailed or XML/EDI output for events
  • Link any amount of positive or negative events to a milestone
  • A sophisticated but simple escalation feature for negative events
  • Automatically queue relevant events when milestones are reached or passed
  • Optional integration with ForwardOffice Carrier EDI, Partner EDI and Customs interfaces