Import Sea Freight

Our Import Sea Freight software module is the single answer to effective processing for surface shipments. It includes everything your operations team need to lift productivity and efficiency in every kind of job, from single and multi-container FCL to LCL consolidation shipments.

With optional interfaces for UK Import Customs and CSP-Connect, your staff can manage shipments through customs with minimum hassle, and a range of other ForwardOffice modules can be integrated for increased functionality.

Key features:

  • Easily convert quotations to consignments
  • Efficient, flexible consignment booking
  • Credit control checks at key stages
  • Repeat shipment templates
  • User-defined consignment types for every kind of job
  • Automatically price rates and cost estimates
  • Workflow control and KPI reporting through the ops dashboard
  • Consignment records are automatically populated from the name and address database
  • Fax or email printed documents directly, from in-house and user-defined to invoices, manifests and delivery notes
  • Fully compliant subsystem for hazardous goods shipments
  • Set milestones and track progress
  • Record memo and follow-up details on job files with the ops diary system
  • Automatic customer service notes, pulled through to the diary
  • Retrieve consignment and available cargo information with powerful search
  • Fast-build facilities to help you process LCL consolidations
  • Range of ops management reports
  • Integrates with a range of ForwardOffice modules:
    • Email, fax and telex communication
    • e-Document Management
    • Customer and Partner EDI
    • UK Import Customs procedures
    • CFSP
    • CSP-Connect for CNS and MCP
    • Warehouse management
    • Transport/Traffic Desk
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Tariffs and Quotations
    • Quality Control
    • ForwardVision Order Management
    • Consignment Tracking and Event Management
    • WebTrack
    • Sales Invoicing
    • Job Costing