Import Road Freight

Our Import RoadFreight software solution lets your operations team effectively speed up shipments by trailer. It’s designed to improve productivity and boost efficiency, while managing all international trailer-based manoeuvres, from groupage consolidations to full and co-loads.

Although trailer movements are predominantly inter-EU, RoadFreight works equally well with non-EU operations. Extra functionality can be added through integration with our other modules – the vehicle status tracking interface in the equipment control module, for example.

Core functions:

  • Define your own range of consignment types for different jobs
  • Quick, easy consignment booking
  • Templates for repeated shipments
  • Credit control checking
  • Conversion of quotations to consignments
  • Automatically price-up cost estimates and rates
  • Control workflows and report on KPIs from the ops dashboard
  • Default transfer of information from the name and address database to the consignment record
  • Operational diary for follow-ups and memos
  • Customer service note automation, carried through to the diary
  • Hazardous goods subsystem (fully compliant)
  • Search capability – easily find cargo and consignments
  • Effective consolidation management with fast-build facilities
  • Track progress and add milestones
  • Print invoices, manifests, delivery notes, in-house and user-defined documents
  • Send documents and manifests directly from the system by fax or email
  • A choice of operational management reports
  • Also works with the following ForwardOffice modules:
    • Email, fax and telex communication
    • e-Document Management
    • UK Import Customs procedures
    • Intrastats
    • CFSP
    • CSP-Connect for CNS and MCP
    • Warehouse management
    • Transport/Traffic Desk
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Tariffs and Quotations
    • Quality Control
    • ForwardVision Order Management
    • Consignment Tracking and Event Management
    • WebTrack
    • Sales Invoicing
    • Job Costing