Intra-EC Trade Statistics

In the 1990’s, the introduction of the Single Market had a profound effect upon all European-based freight operators. One of the most significant changes brought about was the removal of customs clearance requirements for all EU shipments. Despite this fundamental change, HMC&E still had a requirement to gather statistical information relating to EU trade. As a result, the new “Intra-EC Trade Statistics” scheme was introduced. This required all traders to provide HMC&E with statistics on all EU shipments.

Some traders, unused to providing such information, turned to their existing principal freight and logistics supplier to collate this information on their behalf. Here at least was an opportunity for the agent to claw back some of the income lost through the abrupt demise of clearance revenue. At the request of and in consultation with its customers, FCL developed new software in order to satisfy this new requirement.

The ForwardOffice Intrastats module provides facilities to record the required statistics, for freight carried by both themselves and, optionally, third party agents. Intrastats is implemented on a client-by-client basis and is integrated with the Freight Operations modules. Whenever an EU shipment is booked for an Intrastats client, user-friendly screens become available to allow users to record the basic commodity-based statistical information.

At month end, a powerful yet simple-to-use option allows for all relevant “Arrivals” or “Departures” Intrastats Declarations to be collated, aggregated where required, and then output. An exceptions report ensures that all relevant consignments are included on the Declaration.

This optional module provides all of the tools required by the agent to provide a comprehensive Intrastats reporting service to its customers. And the simple yet powerful facilities that are provided ensure that this is achieved with minimum of effort on the part of staff.

Key Features:

  • Fully accredited by the VAT Office
  • Intrastats is activated selectively for those clients that you wish to provide the service to
  • Import and Export Operations are intelligent to the requirements for Intrastats, based on:
    • Client requirements
    • EU status
    • Goods in Free Circulation
  • User-friendly input screens allow multiple commodity items to be recorded for each Commercial Invoice Number
  • Post-Shipment Confirmation releases commodity items for month-end batching
  • Includes facility to record Intrastats commodity details for third-party carried shipments
  • Exceptions reporting facility lists any consignments with outstanding Intrastats requirements
  • Comprehensive Declaration reporting facilities by:
    • Client
    • Job reference
    • Commercial Invoice Number
    • Customer reference
    • Intrastats Batch number
  • Instrastats Batches are created monthly for each client’s “Arrivals” and “Departures”
  • Batch creation includes an optional amalgamation facility by:
    • Commodity Code
    • Terms
    • Nature
    • Member State
    • Mode of transport
    • Country of Origin
  • Optional integration with Sales Invoicing module, which is intelligent to Intrastats requirements and charges