Job Costing

No company can work effectively without having complete control over its finances. Key business decisions cannot be based upon guesswork – senior management must have access to accurate and up-to-date information on profitability, exposure and liability. Within the freight and logistics industry, where the agent may deal with a host of third-party suppliers, operating in many different currencies, this imperative can present a real challenge.

FCL’s Job Costing module provides strict control over purchase liability and enables you to closely monitor financial performance through the provision of a wide range of management reports, in a variety of flexible formats.

Accruals can be logged either manually or automatically at Job or Movement level, with various levels of security control to prevent unauthorised tampering by staff. Your suppliers’ purchase invoices can then be matched against Accruals, within specified tolerances, prior to automatic posting to the Purchase ledger.

Profit reports are instantly available, based on either estimated or actual costs and the revenue generated. Optional automatic apportionment of Movement costs enables profitability to be examined right down to individual consignment level.

The ForwardOffice Job Costing module provides exactly the tools you need to keep your finger on the pulse. The sophisticated options that are available within the module mean that financial ledgers may be simplified from a management report facility based on complex nominal code structures, to a purely book-keeping function. And, when complemented by the Accounts Interface module, automatic posting of purchase transactions to the ledger of our choice can provide very substantial efficiency savings, which can in turn boost productivity and lead to reduced staffing overheads.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Currency
  • Intelligent share analysis where ameta or profit shares are employed
  • Cost Estimates may be created at Job or Consolidation level the instant a booking is made
  • Sophisticated security facilities prevent tampering with existing costs
  • Purchase Invoice Register, with Query and Diary facility enabling optional “Query Letter” production.
  • Highly flexible search for un-matched, queried invoices by supplier, date, etc.
  • Fast Cost Estimate matching using Job Ref, MAWB, BOL, departure or arrival dates, supplier, etc.
  • Automatic posting of “Matched” Purchase Transactions to Purchase Ledger with intelligent nominal code derivation
  • Optional Self Billing mechanism for smalls sub- contracting such as Haulage, Handling, Insurance, etc.. Potentially reduces many invoices from a supplier down to one per week
  • Automatic “Closing” and “Locking” of jobs based on user-definable criteria, prevents unexpected changes to profitability
  • Purchase Reserve reporting either companywide or by supplier and charge type
  • SQL-style Profitability Reporting By Movement, Job, Client, Service, Branch, Department, Country, Market, Market Segment, etc.
  • Reports are available in printed report and Bar Graph format, or as CSV output for interfacing to spreadsheets
  • Superb year-on-year comparative quick-view feature showing changes in trends to Revenue, Costs,    Profitability, Job Counts, TEU’s, etc.
  • Write-off reporting for unreceived costs
  • Fax or e-Mail invoice file copy feature for credit control with Credit Control Diary for ensured follow-up
  • Extensive search facilities for locating invoices, historical bookings or costs
  • Efficient data storage for very long histories, dating back many years if required