OCR Document Processing

Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, ForwardOffice can now help you to revolutionise the processing and filing of all manner of documents, in particular Purchase Invoices, via automated scanning to e-Documents.

Scanned images are processed through our advanced OCR software, which extracts the plain text from the document, enabling it to be identified and automatically filed as an e-Document against the relevant entity and transaction within the ForwardOffice database.

A typical application would be POD filing, whereby each POD document can be scanned and automatically associated with the relevant Consignment. Where FCLASP WebTrack or Public Tracking is utilised, all such documents automatically become visible whenever a customer views their consignment via the Web.

Documents such as Purchase Invoices can be further “mapped” to identify the Supplier, Invoice Number, Goods Value, VAT Amount, Job References and so forth, to automatically complete the Purchase Invoice register details. With fine-tuning, it is possible to create a fully completed Purchase Invoice record and identify and match accruals for the relevant Jobs.

Many suppliers, such as couriers, will now supply their purchase invoices in spreadsheet format. So in addition to its OCR capability, this module also includes support for automated Purchase Invoice spreadsheet importation. User-definable spreadsheet definitions allow multiple formats to be catered for. The imported data is then used to complete the Purchase Invoice register record and to search for relevant accruals.

Key Features:

  • Automatically identifies the scanned image document (e.g. PDF/JPG) and attaches it to the relevant transaction with ForwardOffice.
  • Although typical uses would be for POD filing and registration of Purchase Invoices, the module can actually cater for any document type.
  • For documents such as Purchase Invoices, user- definable “mappings” make it possible to identify and parse individual data items such as Supplier, Invoice Number, Goods Value, VAT Amount, Job References, etc. and thus automatically register each Purchase Invoice.
  • Detailed mappings make it possible to create a fully completed Purchase Invoice record, and identify and match accruals for all relevant Jobs.
  • “Fall Back” mapping sets allow less frequently received Supplier Invoice types to be simply identified as a “Purchase Invoice” and registered as skeleton details, to be completed manually at a later stage. But that manual process is boosted by the existence of the original scanned Invoice, which can always be viewed directly from the Purchase Invoice.
  • Includes support for spreadsheet-based Purchase Invoice importation, whereby the spreadsheet data is used to complete the Purchase Invoice record and search for relevant accruals.
  • OCR Document Processing can be optionally integrated with the following modules: –
  • e-Document Management
  • Job Costing
  • FCL-ASP WebTrack
  • Public Tracking