Quality Control

The successful operation of a quality system will always rely on staff conforming to written procedures that are laid out in a company’s quality manual. And at least one individual within the organisation must be responsible for consistent quality monitoring and intervention. However, the concept of applying a computer system to quality management functions holds many attractions.

The ForwardOffice Quality Control module enables you to achieve centralised control over the “operational” aspects of your company’s quality management system, helping you to gain and subsequently maintain ISO 9000 accreditation.

This optional module is fully integrated with the operational areas of ForwardOffice, and provides the Quality Manager with powerful quality and performance monitoring tools.

It can significantly reduce the administrative overheads associated with operating a formal manual quality system, and provide a level of control and quality of information that is virtually impossible to match in a manual environment.

Key Features:

  • Internal non-conformance exception analysis reporting
  • Customer service analysis, providing detailed analysis by non-conformance type and customer
  • Control over use of sub-contractors, with full auditing of use of non-approved suppliers
  • Monitoring and analysis of non-conformances relating to, or caused by, any given sub-contractor
  • Company benchmark and analysis reporting
  • Monitoring of key operational events and Milestone exception reporting
  • Problem chase-up via the Diary Management system allowing for the “Corrective Action” process
  • Auditing of user activity, providing for staff monitoring functionality
  • Menu security and user privilege controls
  • Record your own quality manual on the system, with on-line access for all staff
  • Final Operational verification and check program ensures that all mandatory operations have been completed
  • Automatic update of “Software Revision Control” logs