Sales Invoicing

No company can work effectively without having complete control over its finances. It is of critical importance that all invoices are raised in an accurate and timely fashion, in order to maintain a positive cash flow.

The ForwardOffice Sales Invoicing module provides powerful and flexible invoicing facilities, capable of covering every eventuality. Designed to cater for the myriad of different operational requirements peculiar to the freight and logistics industry, this module allows Sales Transactions to be raised with the maximum automation and the minimum user effort possible.

While transactions can be raised manually in a very straightforward manner, when linked to the Tariffs, Quotations and Auto-Charging module, they can also be automatically generated using either house or customer-specific tariffs and discount tables.

Flexible invoice construction offers added value and provides our customers with a choice over the method of invoice presentation such as individual Job, periodic with analysis, or even electronically via data exchange.

The Sales Invoicing module provides the freight operator with all of the tools it needs to control its entire billing procedures in a highly efficient manner, thus contributing to positive cash flow. Further integration with additional modules can further boost productivity and deliver a vastly reduced administrative overhead.

Key Features:

  • Multi-currency
  • Automatic collation of key invoice detail from operational information without re-keying:
    • Automatic settlement date calculation
    • Intelligent account number selection
    • Client “Notes” for special instructions (audited)
    • Intelligent Tax liability interpretation
  • Multiple transaction types to facilitate the various operational requirements for:
  • Single Job-by-Job or Bulk invoicing
  • Consolidated Profit share (Ameta) invoices
  • Agent collect charge invoices
  • VAT/Duty invoices
  • Miscellaneous non-shipment related
  • Automatic invoice number allocation with optional multiple sequences
  • Bulk invoicing provides for periodic consolidated invoices and accompanying breakdown of shipments and charges
  • “Quick View” feature allows view of relevant quotations, including link to Correspondence to showing actual Quotation letter, fax etc.
  • Credit Notes:
    • High level of optional security on production of all credits
    • Incorporates full auditing
    • Automatic cross-reference to original invoice for full or part credits
  • User-definable charge codes, linking to nominal code derivation
  • Un-invoiced job register identifies exceptions
  • Optional “Master Invoice” apportionment where revenue is allocated by chargeable weight to groupage subjects
  • Comprehensive housekeeping, daybook and archiving facilities
  • Optionally integrated with the following ForwardOffice modules:
    • Tariffs and Quotations – auto-generate invoices, offering multi-element calculation by weight, cube, pieces, lump sums, surcharges, etc.
    • e-Document Management – transactions can be despatched via e-Mail in PDF format
    • Sales Invoicing EDI – enables transactions to be despatched electronically
    • Job Costing – sales revenue contributes to profitability reporting
    • Accounts Interface – post sales transactions automatically to sales ledger