Transport and Traffic Desk Operations

At every level, traffic desk staff can improve transport logistics productivity and efficiency with our transport solution. ForwardOffice Transport Management software hugely improves communication between Freight Operations departments, and comes with comprehensive planning and costing tools.

Your transport department can control activity from owned and sub-contracted vehicles, including every type of road transport: domestic, international and inter-depot trunking. Settings can be customised to suit you, and automated communications set up to keep everyone informed. You can also choose to run each transport department as a separate profit centre, with its own costing and reporting, and increase efficiency further with auto-rate calculations and haulier self-billing.

With full ForwardOffice integration, you can set up automatically-generated transport instructions and view progress every step of the way.

Key features:

  • Set up multiple traffic desks across departments and nations
  • Drag and drop to allocate vehicles
  • Choose from several types of transport instruction (TI), and assign colours to each one
  • Choose the order and size of list columns and sort by any column
  • Manage costs at TI and VRS level
  • Freight Operations load plan support
  • See status and progress from operations to transport database
  • Search criteria planning filters
  • Vehicle running sheet (VRS) type options
  • VRS trip builder facility for frequent runs
  • Full operations integration – automatically construct TI legs by department or service
  • Add event management to automatically send notifications when events happen
  • Flexible buying and selling matrices for haulier self-billing and internal charging to Freight Operations
  • Smart internal cost journals – Freight Operations costs become Transport department revenue automatically, for example
  • Distance gazetteer that builds as you go
  • Trip suggestion latitude/longitude database to show TIs within a given range (eg. 30 miles)
  • Easy and flexible document production
  • TI and VRS reporting, allowing you to create in-depth analyses of stats and finance
  • Optional spreadsheet links for reporting
  • POD update automation
  • Optionally integrates with other ForwardOffice modules:
    • Email, fax and telex communication
    • Import and Export Operations
    • Domestic Distribution
    • Rates and Tariffs
    • Job Costing