UK Export Customs Procedures

Managing non-EU export consignments through customs requires efficiency and careful organisation. ForwardOffice – unlike many competing solutions – comes with integrated customs clearance features and saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent keying in data twice.

Our Export Customs Entry software module is designed to help you prepare and submit export customs entries with as little data entry as possible. For example, through integration with the main Export Operations modules, information can be imported from other sources to save re-entry, and ensure accuracy. This significantly increases productivity and means fewer specialised skills are required to be able to produce customs documentation.

Once customs entries have been created in ForwardOffice, they can be submitted electronically to CHIEF through the ForwardOffice-Connect module – either using the appropriate CSP or the HMRC EDCS service.

Features and benefits:

  • Name and address details are transferred automatically into the new entry, saving time
  • Electronic, comprehensive customs tariff with monthly or yearly updates
  • Easily find the right commodity code with our Blue Pages browsing feature
  • Find commodities by their code or short name
  • In-built Customer Tariff Library that learns which commodity codes are used for which parties, and helps you find them quickly
  • Automatically pre-populates defaults from the last matching entry
  • Entry worksheet and invoice value build-up features included
  • Easily convert an entry worksheet to a full entry
  • Indirect and direct representation supported
  • Advanced validation checking to help minimise human error
  • Send customs entries electronically via ForwardOffice-Connect
  • Produce pre-printed SADs and plain paper C88s
  • Travelling Copy 3 for goods in transit
  • Item Tax Reports for supplementary declarations
  • Consignment milestones automatically updated by entry acceptance and clearance notifications
  • Can be integrated with other ForwardOffice modules: Consignment Tracking and Event Management, WebTrack and ForwardVision