UK Import Customs Procedures

Substantially increase your import customs productivity with this ForwardOffice Customs software module, created to minimise data entry while maximising accuracy.

Our Import Customs Entry software module includes integrated customs clearance features, which means your staff don’t have to spend time entering data twice when managing import and clearance of non-EU goods. This is the ideal way to increase efficiency, and it’s something many of our competitors don’t offer.

Users of ForwardOffice can create and submit all home-use customs entries with minimal effort, since entries are automatically filled with as much detail as possible from other data sources in the package. As well as saving time, this ensures details are consistent and accurate.

The ForwardOffice-Connect module then electronically submits entries to the CHIEF system through the appropriate CSP or HMRC’s EDCS service.



  • Commodities can be found by their short name or code
  • Blue Pages browsing feature helps you find the right commodity code
  • Full customs tariff, updated annually or monthly
  • Relevant data is automatically pulled into new entries, to reduce information entry
  • Invoice value build-up and entry worksheet functions
  • Convert entry worksheets to full entries
  • Customer Tariff Library remembers the appropriate commodity codes for each party, for quick retrieval
  • Defaults from the last matching entry are pulled in automatically
  • Support for direct and indirect representation
  • Sophisticated validation checks, including deferment accounts usage
  • Import customs entries are transmitted electronically to the correct community via ForwardOffice-Connect
  • VAT/Duty Reconciliation Module integration if required
  • Create plain paper C88, pre-printed SADs and C130 removal notices
  • C21 entries are fully supported
  • Item Tax Reports for supplementary declarations (if needed)
  • Entry acceptance and clearance messages can automatically update linked milestones
  • Optional integration with Consignment Tracking and Event Management, WebTrack and ForwardVision