Implementing any new freight management system will involve change and upheaval. Even for existing customers, activating specific new features within ForwardOffice can involve new challenges and some extra work along the way. But sometimes a little pain is necessary in order to make things better for the future. Forward Computers understands all of these issues, but with decades of experience its customers can rest assured that they won’t have to do it alone. Over the years we have developed a range of services to ensure that all customers have the back-up they need to implement, maintain and develop their system to get the absolute maximum performance and return out of it.

Our commitment to customers does not end with the sale of ForwardOffice, this is only the beginning of an ongoing partnership. Customers need a resource to draw on for all manner of implementation issues and our highly experienced consultancy team is there to help customers reap maximum benefit from ForwardOffice.

With an all-pervasive system such as ForwardOffice, customers must be able to rely on a responsive support desk. Through our dedicated Support team in Nottingham, our customers know that there is always someone available who will have a full understanding of any queries or requirements.

We listen to our customers and a vast number of customer-driven enhancements have been incorporated into the product at no additional cost. There are also times when clients require a bespoke software solution to address specific working practices, or their own customers’ requirements. We are able to satisfy this need through a flexible and cost-effective software development service.

For those customers who do not wish to subscribe to our premium Facilities Management service, we can nonetheless undertake all of the basic daily system checks that your own system administrator would otherwise have to perform. The service also provides for annual site visits and installation of all ForwardOffice upgrades by fully trained FCL staff.