Cloud Backup

Data backup is a vital aspect of managing your computer system. And it is your responsibility. But are you fed up with the hassle of performing those daily checks? Are backup tapes being rotated properly? Are they taken off-site for safety? Does the backup take too long to complete? Are you running out of space on your storage device? What will happen in the event of a hardware failure and how will you restore that all-important data? Wouldn’t you prefer to offload all of this onto someone you can trust?

Had enough worrying about your data backup and security issues?

Had enough worrying about your data backup and security issues?

The critical importance of maintaining a sound data backup practice is often overlooked and may only become apparent when the chips are down and a hardware failure hits you. Should it be necessary for you to restore data, only to find that the last readable backup is several weeks old, then this could have an absolutely disastrous effect upon the business. Just Google “data backup horror stories”, there are plenty out there.

Backups can fail for a number of reasons, both internal and external – and sometimes just through plain old human error. Over the years, on many occasions we’ve come across customers with no current readable backup. And the reason we were checking? Well, it may have been while initiating our premium System Monitoring Service. But more than likely it’s because we’d been asked to restore some data. Typically, the latter is the only time that people do actually discover that there’s a problem – by which time, of course, it’s too late.

If you have any concerns about your data backup, or you would rather just hand the whole thing over to someone else and wash your hands of this significant responsibility, then Forward Computers has the perfect solution for you.

Leave it all behind - FCL's tried and tested Cloud Backup is the perfect solution for you !

Leave it all behind – FCL’s tried and tested Cloud Backup is the perfect solution for you !

Our tried and tested Cloud Backup service is already used by many of our customers. Each and every night of the week Forward Computers performs an incremental backup of all your system data, across the Internet, to storage devices in a Class H server room. Trained staff verify the daily logfiles to confirm that each backup has completed correctly. In total, Forward Computers will retain six weeks’ worth of backups on your behalf.

Cloud Backup doesn’t just have to be limited to your main ForwardOffice server, potentially it can also include any Windows or Linux server on your network. For example, one customer uses the service to backup two separate servers, one of which runs ForwardOffice and the other its third-party accounts system.

The cost of the service varies depending upon data volumes, but can start from as little as £0.75 per day. Should it ever be necessary to restore data then a modest additional charge is made, depending upon the requirement.

As with its other services, Cloud Backup is just one more example of how Forward Computers works hard for its customers to make their lives easier, freeing up their valuable time and allowing them to focus on other important issues.

Key Features:

  • Backup:
    • Aut0mated backup scheduled for each and every day of the week
    • Synchronized incremental backup over the Internet to FCL’s backup servers
    • Includes 1TB USB drive connected to local server for last backup
    • Verification of the data backup by trained Forward Computersstaff
    • All data is also copied offline from backup servers to tape for additional security
    • Six weeks’ worth of backups retained on your behalf
  • Data restore:
    • Where applicable, in first instance from local USB drive
    • But can restore any number of files from any of the last six weeks’ backup sets
    • Performed by fully qualified Forward Computers personnel
    • Modest charge of £10 per file, or T&M basis for full system restore
  • Benefits:
    • Highly cost-effective
    • All of your data backup and security issues simply resolved
    • Forward Computers manages and verifies everything, the buck stops with us!
    • One less thing for you to worry about