System Monitoring

ForwardOffice is a largely “self-maintaining” system, which includes a wide range of nightly housekeeping functions that are performed automatically to keep the system in good order. However, in common with other sophisticated software solutions, there are invariably a number of specific system administration activities that must be undertaken by the customer to ensure that the system runs smoothly and performs to its optimum.

Within the larger organisation, an IT department will normally handle all such tasks as part of their daily routine. But not all SME’s can afford the luxury of dedicated IT personnel and in these circumstances the job of system administration will invariably fall to a member of staff who has to undertake the role with limited IT experience, along with pressure from other responsibilities.

FCL’s philosophy is to provide a total service. We take care of IT issues – leaving our customers get on with the business of moving freight. With many years’ experience, dealing with organisations of every size and complexion, FCL has recognised that for some customers the issue of effective system administration is a gap that we can help to fill.

Of course, not all of our customers wish to subscribe to our premium Facilities Management service, which includes complete System Administration. However, for those customers who wish to reduce the overhead associated with this role, FCL is able to provide a remote System Monitoring service. Since FCL Support has access to all customer sites, it is possible to connect to any customer’s system and undertake all of the basic daily system checks that the system administrator would normally have to perform. The service also provides for annual site visits and installation of all ForwardOffice upgrades by fully trained FCL staff.

Which, of course, leaves you free to concentrate on system management – making your system work more effectively for you.

Key Features:

  • Monitoring:
    • Undertaken every weekday morning
    • Ensure all overnight scheduled housekeeping and report processing has completed successfully
    • Investigate any issues and resolve
    • Verification of the nightly data backup
    • Check disk capacity
    • Check server load average
    • Restore data from backup, if ever required
  • On-site visits:
    • Either 2, 3 or 4 site visits a year by the customer’s dedicated Support representative
    • Review Release Notes for new versions
    • Review any outstanding support issues
    • Perform system health-check
    • On request, undertake brief one-to-one training sessions with individual users
    • Show users how to use the system in a more efficient manner
    • Disseminate tips, short cuts, etc.
    • Submit recommendations on better use where required
  • Software upgrades:
    • Carry out all ForwardOffice upgrades either remotely or during on-site visit
    • All of the above System Administration services carried out by fully trained FCL personnel