Air Freight

We live in a global economy, and demand for quick, reliable air freight grows every day. ForwardOffice provide a fully-integrated air freight product that ticks every box for managing imports, exports, direct shipments, consols, back-to-backs, handovers and co-loads.

As well as providing a central point for all steps in the shipment process, ForwardOffice AirFreight software helps you raise productivity and improve the efficiency of your air freight operations.

It comes with everything you require to rate and cut airway bills at both the master and house levels, is fully CASS-accredited, and can be used with auto-allocated MAWB numbers and neutral airway bills.

There is also a large range of optional software modules you can add to extend functionality further.


Feautres Include:

  • Simple, flexible booking of consignments
  • Credit control checks
  • Templates for frequent shipments
  • User-defined consignment types that work with every kind of job
  • Easily convert quotations to consignments
  • Automatically price rates and cost estimates
  • Control workflow and monitor KPIs with the ops dashboard
  • Auto-transfer database information to the relevant consignment record
  • Automate customer service notes with diary carry-through
  • Record memo and follow-up information on the job file through the ops diary
  • Shipper auditing for airline security
  • Consolidation management through fast-build functions
  • Monitor progress and set milestones
  • Print documentation such as MAWBs, HAWBs, IATA 606 barcodes, labels, collection and delivery notes, in-house and user-created documents, manifests, invoices, etc.
  • Send documentation directly by fax or email from AirFreight
  • Choose from a range of operational management reports
  • CASS-accredited
  • Can be integrated with ForwardOffice modules such as:
    • Email, fax and telex communication
    • e-Document Management
    • Customer and Partner EDI
    • Cargo 2000 Airline EDI
    • IATA e-Freight and the “e-AWB”
    • UK Import and Export Customs procedures
    • Intrastats
    • CFSP
    • CSP-Connect for ASM/CCS-UK
    • Warehouse Management
    • Transport/Traffic Desk
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Tariffs and Quotations
    • Quality Control
    • ForwardVision Order Management
    • Consignment Tracking and Event Management
    • WebTrack
    • Sales Invoicing
    • Job Costing