Sales Invoicing EDI

Within the freight and logistics industry, there are a number of specific tasks to which EDI can be applied very successfully. Data exchange between trading partners can deliver accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

While the Customer and Partner EDI module provides a bi-directional interface for the electronic exchange of consignment information, some customers and partners may wish to take data exchange one step further and also receive their invoices electronically from the freight operator.

Fully integrated with ForwardOffice Sales Invoicing, this optional EDI module provides for the electronic transmission of invoice information, to selected trading partners. It provides complete support for the variety of transaction types that can be created either manually or automatically through the main invoicing functions.

Key Features:

  • General Features:
    • Caters for both proprietary and EDIFACT message formats
    • Transfer via FTP or e-Mail
    • Trading partner-based code correlations
  • Optionally activated for specific trading partners
  • Structure based upon EDIFACT “INVOIC” message format
  • Outputs messages in proprietary FCL-EDI format
  • EDIFACT and VAN delivery achieved via inte-gration with third-party translation and communications    software
  • Sophisticated “Correlation Table” facility allows translation of your coded inputs to your trading partners’
  • Honours all transaction types raised within the ForwardOffice Sales invoicing module:
    • Single Job-by-Job or Bulk invoicing
    • Consolidated Profit share (Ameta) invoices
    • Agent collect charge invoices
    • VAT/Duty invoices
    • Miscellaneous non-shipment related
  • Invoice EDI messages generated automatically as part of invoice print run
  • Can be performed manually or automatically as part of overnight housekeeping functions
  • Option to produce printed invoices at same time as EDI message