Out on the road, your Sales team really would benefit from access to centralised customer and prospect information. But how best to achieve this?

With a laptop and VPN, they can always fire up a remote desktop and access the rich functionality of the ForwardOffice CRM module. But waking up a laptop and doing this all takes time and, crucially, is completely dependent upon establishing a reliable broadband connection. Of course, neither a Wifi nor 3G/4G signal can always be guaranteed – especially when parked up in a lay-by, motorway services or on an industrial estate in the back of beyond….

Enter ForwardOffice SalesTrip, a next generation Mobile App from Forward Computers, fully integrated with¬†the backoffice CRM module and designed for use with Apple,¬†Android or Windows smartphones or tablets: –


A broadband connection is only essential prior to setting out, when the Sales Exec chooses their “trip” from an auto-generated and allocated set of “Client Lists”. Once downloaded. thereafter all information is retained locally on the mobile device, while any potential updates are automatically queued up until a broadband connection is re-established.

Each Client List itemises all of the potential visits or calls to make along the way for the given Trip, which can be augmented by the Sales Exec using a filter search/lookup into the Name and Address database: –

Once the desired Client List has been selected, all relevant clients and prospects are displayed in a list view. On tapping the tick icon to “accept” the List, all associated Contact, Sales Report and Profile information is downloaded and stored locally on the device – and SalesTrip is good-to-go. Tapping on any one of the List entries drills into the Client details page from where all other functions will be performed, specific to the chosen Client. Swiping to the right of the List displays all potential visits in a graphical pin-map representation, showing the Sales Exec’s own current position and highlighting each Client’s location. Tapping on a given pin will pop up the client name and offer an (i)nformation icon that again drills into the Client details: –


On a smartphone (rather than tablet), tapping the Telephone icon at the top of the Client details page will invoke the device’s onboard Telephony API (TAPI) to call the Client/Prospect via their main switchboard number. Alternatively, swiping to the right will reveal a list of individual Contact names (where recorded) and tapping on any one of these will offer the option to call or text the Contact using their mobile number – or message them via e-Mail. The “+” icon on the Contact List page also allows the Sales Exec to add new Contacts if they wish: –


Again from the Client details summary page, swiping to the right will reveal a summarised list of historical Sales Reports. The latter should always be recorded by the Sales team whenever there is any contact with a Client/Prospect, so that information can be shared across your entire organisation. Tapping on any one of the Sales Reports will drill to its full detail, including any textual notes that may have been recorded about the last contact. Alternatively, tapping the “+” icon on the Reports List page also allows the Sales Exec to add a new Sales Report if required: –


Finally we have the Client “Profile”, which is launched by tapping the ticklist icon at the top of the Client details summary. ForwardOffice CRM includes sophisticated reporting, much of which is based around Analysis codes. To this end, “CRM Profiling” allows for up to 200 Analysis codes to be defined, subdivided into 5 possible user-defined CRM Analysis Categories. In the back-office, at Client/Prospect level each potential Category is presented in its own input tab, which in turn can contain up to 40 Analysis codes. Each Analysis code has a tickbox that denotes whether it is associated with the given party or not, the end-user simply ticks the ones that apply and they are assigned to the Client/Prospect as required. The SalesTrip Profile pages simply offer an alternative presentation, with potentially up to 5 separate Profile pages that correspond to the back-office input tabs. The user-defined Category is used as the heading for each Profile page, which again comprises up to 40 Analysis codes that are simply ticked on or off as required. SalesTrip thus allows the Sales Exec to review these and, if required, change and update the currently selected Client/Prospect CRM Profile. The example shown below is based around 2 CRM Analysis Categories, one named “Global” and the other “Ratings”: –

MCA-06-ProfilesCombinedAs discussed above, any updates – Contact names, Sales Reports or Profile changes – will be performed immediately where a broadband connection is in place, otherwise they will be queued and performed automatically when a connection is eventually re-established.

As a cross-platform Mobile App, SalesTrip is available on the Apple iOS (10 and above), Android (5.1 and above) and Windows (10 and above) App stores. Simply search for “SalesTrip for ForwardOffice” and install the App. While the SalesTrip App itself is free of charge, a modest per-user server licence fee is charged for its use. Forward Computers welcomes you to to download the App from your store and use it in “Demo mode” (*), this uses a local data set and does not require a server connection and is thus free from any charges.

(*) Demo mode only goes through the motions of updating data, it does not actually perform true updates.