Transport Management

ForwardOffice’s Transport Management software can transform the way you run your transport department, improving communications and providing accurate, all-encompassing job costing.

Including customisable settings, powerful planning tools, automatic communications and complete job costing functionality, Transport Operations allows you to take control of every task and process in your transport department – for sub-contracted vehicles and your own fleet.

The Transport module works symbiotically with every other ForwardOffice module, letting you automate instructions for the transport dept and feeding back their progress. You can even run each transport department as an individual profit centre, and add productivity through automatic functions such as rate calculations and self-billing for hauliers.

With Transport Operations, your traffic desk staff have all the features they need to run logistics while increasing productivity and improving efficiency.

Core benefits:

  • Run multiple traffic desks across departments and even countries
  • A range of transport instruction (TI) types
  • Assign colours according to TI type
  • Allocate vehicles using drag and drop
  • Master planning console with custom list column sizing and ordering
  • Sort by any column
  • A selection of planning filters to use for search criteria
  • A range of vehicle running sheet (VRS) types
  • Automatic VRS trip builder for regular journeys
  • Automatically create TI legs according to service or department, with full operations integration
  • See progress at every step – from operations to transport database
  • Event management option to automatically send emails to stakeholders when events occur
  • TI and VRS-level cost management
  • A fully flexible buying tariff matrix for automated haulier self-billing
  • Selling tariff matrix for internal chargebacks to Freight Operations
  • Automatically-created internal revenue journals between Transport and Freight Operations (so that costs to Freight Operations become income for Transport)
  • Ad-hoc distance gazetteer
  • Latitude and longitude database to show transport instructions within specified distances for trip suggestions
  • Freight Operations load-planning support
  • Custom document protection, dictated by you
  • Detailed financial and statistical analysis, facilitated by TI and VRS reporting – with optional spreadsheet linking
  • Automatic POD updates
  • Can be combined with the following ForwardOffice modules:
    • Email, fax and telex communication
    • Costing
    • Import/export operations
    • Domestic distribution