Web Apps

In recent years, the Web has become a widely used medium for conducting all manner of business transactions. In the international freight and logistics industry, where trading partners may reside across multiple national boundaries and timezones, the Web provides the perfect medium for real-time access to supply chain information.

But take it from us – any company wishing to provide Web services to their trading partners will find this a major undertaking. When servicing browser requests, any interactive Web application must be able to “talk” directly to a database. Putting together all of the pieces that make up this complex jigsaw requires a very substantial investment in hardware, software and Communications bandwidth. And, of equal significance, is the recruitment of experienced and suitably qualified staff who can develop and implement this type of system and then, critically, support it around the clock. Alone, the average freight and logistics company will struggle to achieve this.

We at FCL recognise all of these issues. FCL-ASP – meaning “FCL – Application Service Provider” – has been developed in response to this growing demand for real-time Web applications. FCL-ASP provides a common platform from which all of our customers can fully integrate FCL-developed Web applications with their live ForwardOffice database.

And because FCL provides this as a service from one central location, our customers need not concern themselves with any of the complex and costly issues that are normally associated with providing Web services. Once again, we take care of the IT issues – leaving our customers get on with the business of moving freight.


To gain access, you will require a logon ID and password and you will also need information about the data on which the demonstration is based. To obtain the latter, please contact your account representative, or FCL direct on T: +44 (0)115 938 0280, E: support@forwardcomputers.co.uk


  • FCL-ASP provides:
    • Logon and security control
    • A menu system and infrastructure from which to launch all applications
    • Visibility of user activity
  • A low cost solution – one central platform means customers don’t need to:
    • Invest in their own Hardware (Web server)
    • Invest in software design and development
    • Invest in a broadband Internet connection
    • Recruit staff to implement and support the latter
  • FCL provides all of this at one central location:
    • High bandwidth connection to the Internet
    • Secure, mirrored, Web server hosts all of the Web applications for all customers
    • Secure network link to each relevant customer system
    • Executes server software remotely on customer system
    • FCL undertakes all of the support and maintenance functions
  • FCL-ASP is based upon:
    • Linux Web server
    • Apache Web Server software
    • Apache Tomcat
    • Java Enterprise Edition
    • FCL-developed Web application components
    • FCL-developed server components
  • Customer requirements:
    • Persistent IP connection (e.g. VPN)
    • Router/Firewall
    • Server licences
    • Relevant back-office ForwardOffice modules
  • FCL-ASP Web Applications:
    • WebTrack – Consignment Tracking
    • Public Tracking
    • Mobile Tracking
    • ForwardVision – Order Management
    • Online Booking
    • WebStock – Stock Enquiry