ForwardVision Order Management

Wouldn’t life be a whole lot simpler if you had supply chain management software that could take care of everything, from procurement to manufacturing, distribution to delivery?

It might be that your customers have already invested in IT infrastructure to help make this happen. But when large portions of their supply chains are controlled by third parties (logistics companies, carriers and so on), vital data about order progress is harder to access and integrate.

Customers with more entry-level order processing systems also need updates to their order progress, but might only receive it from web search or notifications from third parties.

We designed ForwardVision to give you, your customers and everyone involved in the supply chain a complete overview of order lifecycles. Every element of a sale and purchase order is recorded, down to SKU-level detail. You can define milestones, critical paths and events, monitor and track orders – in short, you can control every step on the path to final delivery.

With flexible, straightforward data exchange functions, ForwardVision gives you everything you need to start using SCM-based electronic transactions. Every user benefits from secure, worldwide access to order information – and it’s all updated in real time. When milestones are checked off or come due, our event management feature automatically notifies every trading partner, so you can concentrate on more important tasks.

ForwardVision is completely flexible. You can customise it to exactly fit your customers’ needs, which gives you the competitive edge with new business tenders and pitches: you can combine your customers’ systems with yours, which effectively ties them in.


To gain access, you will require a logon ID and password and you will also need information about the data on which the demonstration is based. To obtain the latter, please contact your account representative, or FCL direct on T: +44 (0)115 938 0280, E:

Key features:

  • The ability to choose which customers you’d like to use it for
  • Three interfaces for maintaining order information:
    • Back-office applications (ForwardOffice)
    • Web apps (FCL-ASP)
    • XML/EDI data exchange (bi-directional)
  • A sizeable and growing library of user interface options – choose the one that best suits your customers’ sectors
  • Create milestones and critical paths per owner and per trade, to help you monitor, track and report progress
  • Schedule and reschedule milestones automatically
  • Get order information directly from the owner using XML/EDI data exchange
  • Integrate with ForwardOffice Operations modules to link orders to consignments at the appropriate points
  • Add shipping information and submit it using XML/EDI
  • Exchange data with stock control, warehousing and other systems
  • Order maintenance, reporting and milestone updates handled through the web or back-office systems
  • FCL-ASP integration – drill down into order, item, milestone and shipment details
  • Event management integration to automate communication with everyone involved
  • Every event generates your choice of printed, faxed, emailed or XML/EDI updates
  • Link any number of events to your milestones – whether negative or positive
  • Negative events can be escalated easily
  • Overdue or completed milestones automatically generate and queue the relevant events
  • Potential to integrate with the ForwardOffice Carrier EDI, Partner EDI and Customs interfaces