On-line Quotations and Bookings

Through this Web application, FCL provides its customers with the means to allow third parties to request Quotations and/or make Consignment bookings into their system, via the Web. Although principally aimed at the freight operator’s own customers, it can also be used by other parties such as overseas partners – or even internally by the operator’s own staff.

The On-line Booking is completely real-time – and fully integrated with ForwardOffice. Functional and data access rights are defined using a specific administration function. In addition to the allocation of Login ID’s and access rights, a “Set Data Policy” option provides the means to control exactly which routing/service options are made available to each party, or to each “Group” with which given parties may be associated.

Requesting a Quotation or creating a new Consignment booking could not be simpler. On completing a few intelligence-driven routing questions, the user is progressed into a main “tabset” where additional information is entered prior to committing. The Quotation integration element is optional; where activated the end-user is presented with a formal Quotation, which may subsequently be converted to a Booking.

For repeat shipments, “Template” and “Clone” options can further simplify and speed up the booking process. Once booked, consignments can be recalled individually using a variety of references, or may be selected from a results list generated via a comprehensive query facility. Consignment details may then be amended or supplemented as required at any point, subject to standard security and status checks.

All updates can be set to trigger internal notifications, which can be configured to alert specific individuals or departments, based on customer or routing requirements. This ensures that every consignment will be captured and processed by the appropriate staff members as part of their normal workflow.

Further value can be added through optional integration with WebTrack, which allows the end-user to monitor consignment progress at the click of a button. Where e-Document Management is utilised, subject to access rights users can view associated documents, such as Freight Invoices, E2’s, POD signatures, digital photographs, etc. Users can even be authorised to attach their own documents to consignments.

For FCL’s customers, the real beauty of the On-line Booking is that it is available at a fraction of the cost that is normally associated with implementing this type of facility – allowing even the smallest freight operator to compete in an arena normally reserved for the larger players.


To gain access, you will require a logon ID and password and you will also need information about the data on which the demonstration is based. To obtain the latter, please contact your account representative, or FCL direct on T: +44 (0)115 938 0280, E: support@forwardcomputers.co.uk

Key Features:

  • On-line Booking is provided through the FCL-ASP platform
  • FCL acts as a service provider, cushioning its customers from complex and costly issues of Internet access: –
    • We provide the Web server
    • We provide the broadband communications link to the Internet
    • We deal with firewall and Internet security issues
    • FCL undertakes all of the support and maintenance functions
  • It is simplicity itself to integrate the On-line Booking facility into your own Web site
  • It is activated selectively for those parties that you choose to provide it to – customers, agents or even internally by your own staff
  • You allocate Login ID’s, passwords, security levels and privileges, thus ensuring secure and controlled access
  • You define the controls that will apply to each party or “Group”, for example which Services they are allowed to book freight on
  • Creating a new consignment booking is a very simple and fast process
  • Optional consignment “Templates” and a “Clone” option also provide for hyper-fast creation of repeat shipments
  • Parties can only ever see consignments with which they have a direct involvement
  • Recall an individual consignment using a wide range of references – including customer’s own
  • Perform queries via simple yet comprehensive filters, then drill to individual consignment
  • Details may be amended/supplemented at any point, subject to security and status checks
  • Includes rule-based internal notification facility for all new bookings or amendments
  • Barcode label printing options also available
  • Optional integration with WebTrack allows for full consignmentprogress monitoring
  • Optional integration with e-Document Management allows documents and images to be selectively exposed at Consignment level
  • With the correct privileges, external users can also add their own e-Documents, e.g. packing lists, commercial invoices, etc.
  • Operational Diary/Memo records can also be selectively exposed to different parties, allowing unlimited narrative to be made visible