Public Tracking

WebTrack provides your customers with a great tool for performing on-demand, real-time, Consignment status enquiries. After logging in, a query can be made on an individual Consignment using one of six different references. Alternatively, filter-based reports can be launched, with an option to drill to any of the Consignments included in the results.

But in order to use WebTrack, a variety of back-office configuration settings must be established for each customer, including a login ID and password and a definition of their specific information “view”. Although tools are provided to make this simple, it does represent an administrative overhead; for larger accounts this is easy to justify, but for one-off or low-volume accounts this can be more problematic.

Public Tracking addresses these issues. In the first instance, it allows a status enquiry to be performed without the end-user first having to log in. In addition, configuration requires little more than the definition of one single “view”, which will control exactly which elements of information will be exposed in a public context. Thereafter, anyone can perform a web-based status enquiry on an individual Consignment, provided they know its reference number.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Using a secure “Customer PIN” feature, Public Tracking can also be used to display “private” information that would otherwise only be available by formally logging in to WebTrack. This can include any associated e-Documents, for example system-generated Invoices/Documents or scanned POD notes, which can then subsequently be downloaded to the end-user’s browser.

Moreover, it is possible to construct a specific URL that includes the Consignment Reference and Customer PIN and pass this directly to Public Tracking, which will launch the query automatically, without any userinput. This feature has been closely integrated with the ForwardOffice Event Management system, which can automatically generate and despatch e-Mails upon completion of any operational Milestone. These can be configured to include the Public Tracking hyperlink URL, allowing the recipient to launch the Public Tracking query with a single click, directly from within their e-Mail program.

Key Features:

  • Public Tracking is provided through the FCL-ASP platform
  • FCL acts as a service provider, cushioning its customers from complex and costly issues of Internet access: –
    • We provide the Web server
    • We provide the broadband Communications link to the Internet
    • We deal with firewall and Internet security issues
    • FCL undertakes all of the support and maintenance functions
  • It is simplicity itself to integrate Public Tracking into your own Web site
  • Any party can perform a Tracking query, without having to supply a login and password
  • Through back-office utilities, you define the items of information and “Milestones” that you want to expose (the “public view”)
  • Typically, the “public view” will include information that is not commercially sensitive
  • This includes operational Diary/Memo records, but only whose visibility is explicitly set to “All involved parties”
  • A secure system-allocated “Customer PIN” addresses identity and ownership issues, allowing a party to access their “private” information through this “public” service: –
    • Using their “party-specific view”, where configured, inĀ  preference to the “public view”
    • Additional Diary/Memo records
    • Associated e-Documents
    • Associated Sales or Purchase Order details
    • Secure ownership checks on all the above ensure that a party only has access to information that is pertinent to them
  • Parameters allow for “Customer PIN” to be changed automatically on a periodic basis
  • Tight integration with Event Management provides for: –
    • Pro-active and fully automated e-Mail Consignment status updates despatched to customers
    • These include a hyperlink URL to allow launch of Public Tracking for the Consignment, directly from recipient’s e-Mail program
    • Hyperlink URL includes the “Customer PIN”, providing access to “private” information
  • Events can be triggered by a variety of inputs, including back-office activity, EDI status updates (e.g. Airline EDI), hand-held scanningĀ  operations (e.g. Delivery) and Overseas Agent POD Updates via WebTrack


To view this capability, click on one of the following links to our Public Tracking demonstration: –

Client “ACME Manufacturing” – Export Trailer Consignment 2TIR0414001
Client “ACME Manufacturing” – Export Ocean Consignment 2SEA0414001
Client “Linen Traders” – Import Ocean Consignment 2IDS0413004
Client “Linen Traders” – Import Ocean Consignment 2IDS0437006
Client “Wellworths Ltd.” – Import Trailer Consignment 2IMP0414001

All of the above Consignments have associated e-Documents; to open/download one into your browser, simply click on the associated “View” button. After viewing a Consignment via one of these links, clear or change the PIN and then click on the “Submit” button again – this will demonstrate to you how some of the information will be omitted from the display when a valid PIN is not supplied.

From within our demonstration system, each Consignment has had an HTML e-Mail generated – and links to these are supplied below. Note that e-Mail content can easily be tailored to suit your own corporate/styling requirements, for example by adding your company logo and web site colour theme. When you click on a link, it will display the HTML e-Mail within your web browser. Each of these sample e-Mails includes the hyperlink that will enable you to launch Public Tracking for the Consignment detailed therein.

Consignment 2TIR0414001 Advice of Shipment
Consignment 2SEA0414001 Advice of Shipment
Consignment 2IDS0413004 Advice of Arrival
Consignment 2IDS0437006 Advice of Arrival
Consignment 2IMP0414001 Advice of Arrival