Advance Forwarding

ForwardOffice really has moved us into the 21st Century. It has enabled us to be more efficient, saving time and money. It has also enabled us to improve service to our clients, offering them a wide range of additional services that we couldn’t before. The system also allows us to be more pro-active with monitoring of both client and staff activity, meaning we can sort issues before they arise. Forward Computers has catered to our every need and bent over backwards to ensure that we make full use of ForwardOffice, configuring it to suit our business and staff. They have even adapted their system just for us, so they are certainly very flexible - and worth every penny.

Gaz Hodson, Operations Manager, Advance Forwarding

Cargo Marketing Services

Forward Computers has been Cargo Marketing Services' Freight Software provider for more than ten years. In this time we have witnessed its product grow alongside the demands of our industry and seen it develop innovative ideas that have assisted in the growth and success of our own business. Forward Computers has always been very forward thinking and we anticipate many more years making advances with them in this ever changing technological world.

Mick Frearson, Managing Director, Cargo Marketing Services

Economy Freight Services

Having chosen Forward Computers, from day one we were completely looked after by them through technical and software installation. This excellent level of support has continued through to the present day, where continued development and innovation in technology and software can otherwise soon leave the guys on the desk behind. Forward Computers continue to develop new ideas and more efficient ways for us to process jobs, as well as keeping abreast of changes made by Customs - and also through to financial reporting, sales and marketing and, of course, communications. We see Forward Computers and ForwardOffice as an integral part of our future.

Dave Byard, EFS Group Financial Director, Economy Freight Services


Since choosing the ForwardOffice software package, and Forward Computers as IT partners, we have not looked back. The whole system has been the bedrock of our company since 1999 and the advances, past, present and future, help us to stay at the forefront of our specialised field of NVOC services.

Bob Andrews, Managing Director, Globelink-Fallow

Graylaw Freight Group

“Historically, our software solutions consisted of a collection of separate packages that did not integrate efficiently into our operation. Forward Computers offered a single solution that would become the nucleus of our business - operationally, financially and commercially. In a relatively short period of time, the promise from FCL has been realised and, more importantly, continues to develop. In an ever changing market place, the fact that ForwardOffice continues to be enhanced from listening and working with its client base, coupled with dedicated support staff who know and understand our business and what the product can do for us, means that we can concentrate on what we do and drive efficiencies and develop our services. I am often asked about the important decisions made by our organization. Without hesitation, choosing Forward computers as our software provider is proving to be a pivotal one to the on-going success and the progression of Graylaw’s future.”

Nick Green, General Manager, Graylaw Freight Group

JEM Logistics

"Your services and products have changed our way of doing things beyond our wildest expectations over the last 12 months and brought us from the 19th century into the 21st century - and beyond! We do appreciate all the support you have offered throughout and feel that you do your best to ensure that any problems are resolved as quickly as possible."

Mark Battison, Owner, JEM Logistics

Meachers Global Logistics

"Since purchasing ForwardOffice in 1998, our business has evolved considerably. We are acutely aware of the need to provide leading-edge solutions in order both to retain existing customers and also to acquire new ones. ForwardOffice has developed with us throughout this period, and has allowed us to meet increasing customer demands by providing new features such as On-line Tracking and Booking facilities. Over the years, we have developed a close and fruitful relationship with FCL, and see them very much as a strategic business partner, rather than just a software supplier."

Jerry Cook, IT Manager, Meachers Global Logistics

MIQ Logistics

"MIQ Logistics has been working with Forward Computers for over 15 years now and consider them a strategic partner, rather than just another supplier. ForwardOffice has enabled us to grow and adapt quickly to the ever-changing industry that is Freight Forwarding. One of our "pain" areas was Customs declarations through 3rd party gateways, now through the use of FCL's CSP-Connect this has transformed what was a process littered with delays and system failures to one of a smooth and trouble-free flow. We have demanding expansion plans throughout Europe and we see Forward Computers as being an integral player in the smooth integration of our new locations, through their software's ease of use, functionality and ability to cross international borders. ForwardOffice is innovative in concept and design, which especially shows through in its customer-facing Web applications - FCL-ASP. MIQ Logistics as a company is making good use of this to interact with its customers and streamline its workflow. The service we get from Forward Computers is always friendly, courteous and delivered in a professional manner. I would have no reservations in recommending FCL to anyone."

Mick Robinson, IT Director, MIQ Logistics

RW Freight Services

"As Forward Computers' first customer, we have re-aligned our business to their software package. ForwardOffice is highly adaptable and has been developed as IT technology has evolved - at no extra cost to us. The system has kept pace with our company's development, and enabled us to run a paperless ISO 9001 Quality System in conjunction with process control."

Stephen Willis, Managing Director, RW Freight Services

Unsworth Global Logistics

"When we started looking for a new system in early 2007, the one thing we valued most highly was to have a good integrated job costing system. But we also wanted the capability to produce documentation, do customs entries, produce quotes and handle sales enquiries. And we wanted better track and trace for our customers and partners, too. Forward Computers offered everything and they seemed to have the best training and support to get us up and running in the shortest time possible. We get much better tracking, with carefully structured levels of access, which improves security. A whole range of KPIs are listed, too, allowing us to measure our performance against pre-set criteria. For example, we can look at how long cargo spends in a transhipment point, how long it takes to de-van a container or on-time delivery of containers from port. An electronic dashboard gives us another dimension. We set up rules that trigger the software to show us data on a certain process or procedure, using the dashboard to drill down into that data. For example, if we asked the software to show us all shipments that are delayed by more than a certain time, we then get the details of the job and what happened to cause the delay. We are now able to offer a superior level of service and much greater efficiency - and in these competitive times, no forwarder can ask for more."

Geoff Hogg, Managing Director, Unsworth Global Logistics