About Us

The UK's leading independent national supplier
of software and e-commerce solutions
to the freight and logistics industry.

Globalisation has forced everyone to radically rethink the way that they do business and new trends have emerged within the supply chain to meet this challenge.

The freight and logistics industry has experienced significant change over the last two decades. The customer is ever more demanding, with higher expectations – their only interest is to deliver goods to destination quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. While on the one hand the customer is demanding shorter transit times and an improved quality of service, on the other he is expecting this at a reduced cost.

One of the most fundamental changes to working practices comes from the increased use of the Internet and the growth of B2B e-Commerce. Now, of equal importance to the physical movement of goods is the visibility of information across the supply chain.

The successful forwarder has thus become far more concerned with logistics and supply chain management. The successful forwarder is also the one who is prepared to embrace and invest in IT to support the business process.

Founded in 1986, Forward Computers Limited is the UK’s leading independent national supplier of software and services to the freight and logistics industry. We understand how this industry is evolving and have developed a range of software solutions that can help your enterprise adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

Over the years, with many of our staff recruited from this sector, and working closely with customers of every size and type, we have developed an exceptionally high level of expertise in our chosen domain. This in-depth knowledge has been used to develop ForwardOffice, a total solution for all aspects of freight forwarding and logistics.

FCL operates a philosophy of total service. From our headquarters in Nottingham, England, our professional team includes systems analysts, software developers, project managers, consultants, trainers, application and technical support staff, hardware and network specialists.

Around 70 customers, representing some 100 trading companies, now use ForwardOffice in the UK, Europe, the USA and the Far East. With over 2,000 users actively utilising the package every working day of the week, ForwardOffice is now unquestionably a market-leading product.

As one of the leading freight software providers, throughout its history Forward Computers has consistently responded to new trends and requirements within both the freight and IT industries. The ongoing delivery of new functionality within ForwardOffice has provided all of its customers with exactly the tools they need to react positively to change and innovation, enabling them to maintain an edge in this increasingly competitive marketplace.