The complete IT solution for logistics


Forward Computers is a one-product company, with no diversification of any kind. There is one, and only one, version of ForwardOffice. All ongoing developments and enhancements are built into the core product and are optionally available for the benefit of all customers. As a result, ForwardOffice is extremely feature-rich and includes a wealth of sophisticated features.

Modular and Flexible:

ForwardOffice comprises an extremely flexible set of software modules, enabling it to be easily configured to meet the specific needs of different companies – allowing them to drive the package in a way that most suits their needs. All customers receive the same version of the ForwardOffice modules for the features that they wish to implement. These can then be easily tailored to their own working practices, using a comprehensive set of software switches. The modules are available ‘off-the-shelf’ and can be easily configured to meet the needs or changing requirements of an expanding company, without the expense of bespoke software development.

Highly Scalable:

ForwardOffice is highly scalable, enabling it to be utilised by companies of differing sizes. It is just as much at home with the SME as the larger enterprise, or even the multinational corporation requiring a global solution. It incorporates a multi-country, multi-company and multi-branch capability, enabling the larger freight organisation to implement it across multiple locations. Indeed, some of FCL’s customers have deployed ForwardOffice across their own private pan-European and global networks.


ForwardOffice operates under the Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems. It also offers a choice of database engines, for example Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle’s MySQL.  Our customers thus have the freedom to choose the platform that best suits their requirements and network infrastructure.